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Our Story

  A Brief History of Tiki Pies  

The story of Tiki Pies really begins back in 2006 when Mike, a happy kiwi travelled around the world from New Zealand, his homeland, to Barbados, his dad's homeland. Mike immediately fell in love with the culture, waves and way of life here in Barbados, he also fell in love with Maegan. 


Over the years their love continued to grow and in 2008 they decided to go travelling with some friends through South America for 4 months and then New Zealand for 6 months to stay with Mike's family.  While in New Zealand Mae was introduced to the NZ savoury "pies".  Pies are sold in every gas station, supermarket, literally on every corner, as it is a way of life there. It is easy to say that Mike and Mae ate a lot of pies during the next 6 months.


On returning to Barbados to settle down in 2009, Maegan knew she wanted to create a business working with her passion for cooking and immediately began experimenting with the New Zealand pies. Maegan & Mike started to create their own pastry and fillings inspired by the original New Zealand ones while putting a unique Bajan twist on them. 


The fusion of Bajan-NZ flavours is what makes Tiki Pies truly unique. They came up with a list of classic flavours including, Sweet Curry Chicken, Creamy Traditional Chicken, Steak and Ale, Steak and Kidney along with many more. The delicious Tiki Pies froze well and could be reheated to use as quick meals. This made them an instant success with families and people living a busy lifestyle.  Their orders grew from just friends and family to increased private orders and a stall at Brighton Farmer's Market in St. George every Saturday morning (where you can still find Mike).

Tiki Pies started in Maegan's family home kitchen in St. Peter but over the years Mike and Mae have reinvested in their business and now have their own bakery which has allowed them to expand into the retail market. They now supply local supermarkets including Massy Supermarkets and Cost-U-Less, a few cafes and restaurants.  

It was always Mike and Mae's dream to open their own Tiki Pies outlet. This goal was achieved in September of 2016 when they opened the shop in Bayside Plaza. 


A typical day at Tiki Pies starts at 4 am as they make and bake everything fresh for the Tiki Pies shop.  Apart from pies, the shop also sells freshly made bacon twists, cinnamon buns, patties and other 'surprise' pie flavours not found online as they are constantly increasing our menu. You can also pick up  your coffee with your pie as Tiki Pies offers a wide range of speciality coffees using locally roasted coffee beans. 


After delivering fresh pies to the shop, and dropping their son Miller to school, they then start producing pies for custom orders. You can order pies online for delivery every Wednesday. Delivery is free on all orders over $100 BDS.


Quality is very important and Tiki Pies will only use the best of fresh ingredients. Pies served at the shop are freshly baked each morning. They source free range eggs and try to grow most of the herbs themselves at home.  What is next for Tiki Pies? They are currently in the process of building a dedicated team to carry Tiki Pies into the future as they look for more retail outlets.

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